Why to Invest?

Investment may differ from an individuals behavior.  A farmer may invest in tractor, while a shop keeper may invest in his shop (land). But this is not that type of Investing. The above mentioned investments are investing into their own business. This is about Investing in some others business as a shareholder. You may become an Indirect owner of the company, when you invest on the company's/product's share. But the right to run the company will be in the hands of the Board of Directors. And the main thing is you have the right to elect the board of directors. This Indirectly sounds that you will be the owners and they are your managers.

Do you know what exactly is Investments Feature?

Its about compounding your money. Whenever you invest in a particular stock exchange, it starts its job of compounding your money (Depends upon the Market Condition). If you invest your funds with good forecasting skills, you may achieve great success in the stock markets.

Do you think you can grow rich with your present job?

Its not impossible at all, But time consuming. A few smart work in investments would make you grow rich. This is not a joke, It really works.

Your Investment Returns are based on the time and shares you have invested. Early Investments lead to larger returns.