Investing is an art of properly recruiting your funds into Investments and obtain returns from those Investments.

It is not a gambling, as many people may consider it as gambling. Many people invest in stocks and lose their money due to their poor investment strategies. So, they consider it as Gambling. Investment is sometimes the Luck Factor. But you need to put your effort of choosing a particular stock which you want to buy. There are many conditions to choose a share. Since Investing is a wider concept, we will learn it step by step. The term Investing depends on your behavior. Some invests their funds in gold while some invests in stocks, bonds, real estates, commodities, etc. But the Basic concept is about Investing.
Some people may be confused with Trading and Investing, they consider both are same concept. But Trading is not Investing, it is only a procedure or a technique. Now-a-days many people go to the broker's office early in the morning and start buying and selling stocks. They proudly say that they are Investing, but they actually are Trading. Trading is not bad at all, because it also provides liquidity in the market. But Investing is something more than that. Investing means buying a particular shares and selling after some weeks/months/years as per your investment plans.